DPRK FM spokesman on Japan’s military moves

Pyongyang, October 25 (KCNA) — Now that Japan is persistently stepping up the moves to become a military power and nuclear armament allegedly to cope with an “emergency on the Korean peninsula” in a bid to launch reinvasion, we feel the increased need to steadily strengthen the defence capability to handle it, stated a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK today, answering the question raised by KCNA.

Japan will reportedly stage a fortnight’s military exercise from Oct. 27 under the simulated conditions of an “emergency on the Korean peninsula” with more than 32,000 sailors of the Maritime “Self-Defence Force,” 110 warships including destroyers and 180 planes involved.

Earlier, Nishimura, former vice-director general for political affairs of the Defense Agency, addressing a press conference, groundlessly linked the DPRK again with the intrusion of “mysterious ships” into Japanese territorial waters and said that Japan would really destroy the mysterious ships this time and fire and sink them. He went the length of asserting that Japan must have a “national army,” not the “Self-Defense Forces,” and hasten nuclear armament.

This clearly proves that Japan has become undisguised and reckless in its hostile policy towards the DPRK and design for reinvasion, going beyond the danger line, the spokesman said, and stressed:

We will never overlook the first large-scale military exercise to be staged after the appearance of a new cabinet in Japan and outbursts of the high-ranking official of the Defense Agency as they are provocative and bellicose ones targeted at the DPRK.

Judging from Japan’s recent military movements and spate of outbursts made by its ruling quarters, we cannot but draw a conclusion that the present Japanese government has no intention to establish a good neighborly relationship between the DPRK and Japan through the liquidation of its past, but it is keen on militarily confronting the DPRK at any cost by making an “emergency on the Korean peninsula” a fait accompli.

Japan should clearly know that the military confrontation with the DPRK is a very dangerous and reckless adventure leading to its self-destruction.

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