DPRK’s warnings are not empty talk

Pyongyang, October 25 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun today in a signed commentary slams the U.S. conservative hard-liners for their recent call for a “demonstration of sweeping military force” against the DPRK.

This outcry reveals once again their sinister intention to stifle the DPRK by force of arms, the commentary observes, and goes on:

The moves of the U.S. conservative hard-liners to stifle the DPRK by force of arms have entered the phase of practice.

The conflict between the DPRK and the United States is unavoidable, given the hard-liners’ persistent attempt to stifle the DPRK by military pressure.

The DPRK has sincerely implemented the DPRK-U.S. agreed framework to put a definite end to the hostile relations with the United States since its adoption.

But, the United States’ attitude towards its implementation has been very insincere.

The real intention of the United States is quite clear.

It is seeking to stifle the DPRK by force of arms any moment, whiling away the time with the DPRK.

It is our stand to return good faith for good faith and confrontation for confrontation.

The U.S. conservative hard-liners are well advised not to regard our warnings as empty talk.

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