Inevitable consequence of anti-DPRK war preparations

Pyongyang, October 25 (KCNA) — Much heavy water leaked out of a cooling water pump of heavy water reactor no. 3 of the Wolsong Nuclear Power Station in North Kyongsang Province of South Korea while it was being repaired in early October. As a consequence, its equipment and buildings were seriously polluted and more than 20 workers were contaminated by radioactive materials. Now, these workers are in a critical condition.

Commenting on this fact, a news analyst of Rodong Sinmun today says:

This mishap is not an accident but an inevitable consequence of the criminal development of nuclear weapons by the South Korean authorities.

Although they say that the Wolsong heavy water reactor is for a “commercial purpose,” it is, in fact, an atomic reactor for the development of nuclear weapons.

According to data, plutonium enough to manufacture hundreds of nuclear bombs has been produced at the heavy water reactor since the start of its operation in April 1983.

A total of 329 accidents have occurred at nuclear power stations in South Korea since 1978. One of them is the leakage of 6.5 tons of heavy water from the Wolsong Heavy Water Reactor in 1994.

30-50 kilograms of heavy water or hundreds of kilograms at maximum leak out of the Wolsong Heavy Water Reactor every day even during its normal operation.

Nevertheless, the South Korean authorities plan to build more heavy water reactors like the Wolsong Heavy Water Reactor instead of dismantling it. This is just like sitting on a nuclear time-bomb.

Unpardonable are the moves of the South Korean authorities hell-bent on the development of nuclear weapons which will be used to kill the fellow countrymen, regardless of the lives and safety of the people.

They must stop operating and building dangerous nuclear power stations at once.

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