Spokesman on projected “Foal Eagle”

Pyongyang, October 25 (KCNA) — If the U.S. and South Korean ruling quarters ignite a new war of aggression in the Korean peninsula despite our repeated warnings, the Korean people and army will deal a sledge-hammer blow to the provokers.

A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK said this in a statement today.

The “Foal Eagle” joint military exercise the U.S. and South Korean ruling quarters plan to stage in the whole area of South Korea from October 26 to November 5 is a war gamble for aggression aimed at a forestalling surprise attack on the DPRK and a vicious challenge to the unanimous desire of the Korean people and the peace-loving people of the world for the peace and security of the Korean peninsula, the statement stressed, and went on:

The joint military maneuvers, staged by the U.S. without let-up pursuant to the anachronistic “policy of strength,” though the Cold War is over and the world is to greet a new century are intended to put military pressure and threat upon the DPRK in the next century, too and eventually to launch another war of aggression in the Korean peninsula.

This fully shows that there is no change in the U.S. aggressive design to occupy the DPRK by force of arms. For the United States to stage the joint military maneuvers in all parts of South Korea is a perfidious act of abandoning trust in its dialogue partner and stabbing him in the back. This once again glaringly reveals its double-dealing tactics of showing a carrot in the dialogue and preparing a stick behind the scenes.

Nobody can predict when the U.S. and South Korean ruling quarters’ ceaseless arms buildup and annual playing with fire will go over to an actual war.

The ill-boding developments on the Korean peninsula vividly prove the far-sightedness of our party’s army-first policy and the justice of the work our people have done to build up invincible self-defensive power, tightening their belts.

We will build up the country like an impregnable fortress with all possible natural resources and means, strengthen our defence power in every way and maintain heightened revolutionary vigilance and full combat readiness so as to smash any military provocation and aggression of the enemies at a stroke.

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