No reason to keep “security law”

Pyongyang, October 26 (KCNA) — Members of the Citizens Federation for Economic Justice, the Bar Association for Democratic Society and the Citizens Solidarity for Democratic Society had a seminar for the repeal of the “security law,” a South Korean newspaper said.

The participants expressed indignation at the authorities’ fraudulent move to rewrite only a few articles of the “security law” and demanded its total repeal, stating that there is no reason to keep the “security law” and “a partial revision of the security law would be of no help to the development of the south-north relations and reunification.”

Kim Jong Hui, secretary of the “people’s solidarity opposed to the ‘security law'”, also called for its repeal.

Recalling that the preceding dictatorial regimes invoked the “security law” to suppress the people, he pointed out the present “government” is no exception.

Even international organizations are critical of the “security law” because it suppresses the free expression of one’s will and idea and freedom of association and others, he added.

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