Servile solicitation

Pyongyang, October 26 (KCNA) — The South Korean chief executive on Oct. 23 begged the Japanese Prime Minister on a visit to Jeju Island to attend the South Korea-Japan “ministerial meeting” to realize the South Korean visit of the Japanese “Emperor” who represents the spirit of samurais, a Seoul-based radio reported.

This is something that can be done only by a guy whose preoccupation is pro-Japanese flunkeyist treacheries.

Though more than half a century has passed since its defeat, Japan has not made any apology or compensation for its crimes committed against the Korean nation. On the contrary, it is stretching out tentacles of reinvasion and employing every possible means and method to bleed the South Korean people white.

This notwithstanding, the chief executive of South Korea asked the Japanese Prime Minister to materialize the South Korean trip of “Emperor” who is symbolic of Japanese militarists, the sworn enemy of the Korean nation. This is no more than an act of putting the “five traitors in 1905” into the shade.

The Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister of Japan reportedly said that they would work to realize the “Emperor’s” South Korean visit at the earliest possible date.

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