To drop attempt to introduce “electronic system for watch”

Pyongyang, October 26 (KCNA) — A spokesman for the Association for Human Rights Studies in the DPRK issued a statement Monday denouncing the South Korean authorities for attempting to introduce even “electronic system” to watch “those under supervision for public peace”.

The projected “electronic system for watch” is another repressive measure to introduce electronic devices against “those under supervision for public peace” who were released through stay of execution or on parole, in order to watch and control round the clock all their movements including “departure from their abodes” and “their job performance”, the statement said, and went on:

This is a hideous human rights abuse as the South Korean authorities are working hard to put such dreadful shackles as the “electronic system for watch” on guiltless people who are “under supervision for public peace”.

To force people to carry such electronic devices known to be installed on feet of animals and watch and control their every movement through them is as bad as treating human beings like animals. This is the most intolerable contempt and insult to human beings and a mockery of the achievements made by humankind in modern science and technology.

They are, in actuality, working hard to maintain at any cost the fascist “security law” violating human rights, talking about its “reform” despite the unanimous demand at home and abroad for its total repeal.

The South Korean rulers had better stop raising a hue and cry over someone’s “human rights issue” and drop at once their plan to introduce an “electronic system for watch” and immediately rescind “the security law” and “the law on supervision for public peace.”

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