Badge bearing Portrait of Kim Il Sung

Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) — The Korean people deeply revere the President Kim Il Sung as the eternal leader of the revolution.

This is clearly proved by the fact that all of them always have badges bearing the President’s Portrait pinned on their chests with care even though five years have passed since his demise.

This is an expression of their strong admiration for his greatness and immortal exploits and a symbol of their unbreakable unity.

In the run-up to the fifth congress of the Worker’s Party of Korea in November 1970, General Secretary Kim Jong Il proposed to make and confer the badge bearing the President’s Portrait, which reflects the unanimous desire of the Korean people, to its delegates. He made sure that the preparatory committee for the congress undertook this work.

When the first badge was made, Kim Jong Il had it on his chest before any others.

At that time he said that one should have the badge on his heart, not on the right side of his chest.

Badges thus produced were awarded to the delegates to the congress before its opening.

The Korean people have since worn the badges on their chests, regarding it as their greatest pride and happiness to do so.

President Kim Il Sung always lives in the hearts of the Korean people as he represents their idea, faith, destiny and future.

That is why people unhesitatingly dedicate even their lives to protecting the badge from any danger.

There are many examples showing how people protected badges bearing the President’s Portrait from fire and water.

In March last year 17 soldiers of the Korean People’s Army died heroic deaths while protecting slogan bearing trees from an unexpected forest fire in a revolutionary site. They became heroes of the republic. In November of the same year 3 fishermen and 12 soldiers who had been adrift in the stormy sea because of an engine trouble kept the badges safe before meeting deaths. The title of the hero of the republic was posthumously awarded to them.

This shows the unshakable will of the Korean people to devotedly General Secretary Kim Jong Il, who is just like President Kim Il Sung.

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