Japanese Foreign Minister’s rubbish under fire

Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) — The Japanese Foreign Minister in a recent interview with a Japanese weekly magazine asserted that “Japan’s ‘three non-nuclear principles’ remain unchanged.” Rodong Sinmun today in a signed commentary dismisses this as nonsensical.

The commentary says:

The Japanese authorities claim that Japan is upright and integral as regards the nuclear issue, asserting the “three non-nuclear principles” are its invariable policy. However, it will convince no one.

It is well-known that Japan made a secret contract with the U.S. on allowing the shipment and passage of nuclear weapons behind the screen of “three non-nuclear principles.”

Japan is fully capable of nuclear weaponization after acquiring the technology to manufacture nuclear weapons.

Advocates of nuclear-weaponization in Japan are openly asserting that the “only way” to cope with the “missile threat” by someone is to have nuclear weapons of its own.

Japan can realize nuclear weaponization any time. The “three non-nuclear principles” on their lips are nothing but a peace-veiled motto.

No matter how desperately Japan may try to paint itself as a “non-nuclear peace-loving state,” ballyhooing about the “three non-nuclear principles,” it can never cover up its nuclear ambition and its true colors as a militarist nation.

Japan should stop playing a clumsy trick, purify its dirty mind and drop its dangerous ambition to become a nuclear power.

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