KCNA demands total abrogation of “security law”

Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) — The anti-reunification and undemocratic fascist “security law” in South Korea is fated to be judged by history after being bitterly condemned by the public at home and abroad.

The abrogation of the “security law” is an irresistible demand of the times.

However, the South Korean authorities are defying this demand of the times and history, vociferating about “landmark revision of the security law.”

For example, the South Korean chief executive on Oct. 22 put forward a “draft amendment to the law” which calls for rewriting or deleting just a few articles of the “law” and “Prime Minister” of South Korea Kim Jong Pil openly insisted at the “National Assembly” on Monday that the total repeal of the “security law” is impossible.

These are mockery of and challenge to the Korean nation and the world public that have ardently aspired after the democratization of the South Korean society and the independent reunification of Korea.

What the Korean people and the world progressives have consistently demanded is a total repeal of the “security law”, not partial “amendment.” Even the present chief executive himself also admitted this many a time in the past.

All the articles of the “security law” have served as leverage to stop the mouths and ears of the South Korean people and bind them hand and foot and has been the biggest obstacle to the democratization of the South Korean society and the reunification of the country.

It is entirely because of the unprecedented anti-reunification fascist “security law” that the hostile inter-Korean relations have gone from bad to worse.

The South Korean authorities should not resort to the farce of amending the “security law,” mockery of the public at home and abroad, but totally repeal without delay the anti-national fascist law in compliance with the demand of the whole nation and the times.

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