Hero of time

Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) — Taehongdan county, Ryanggang Province of Korea, is well known to the country for the construction of many minor power stations that meet its demands for electricity.

It produces by itself electricity needed for economic sectors such as industry and agriculture and the people’s living.

The power stations are associated with the devoted service of Ho Yong Gu, head of the county construction corps for minor power stations.

The President Kim Il Sung said in his lifetime that if a dam was built in the Sohongdan stream in the region to make it flow through a ridge, much electricity could be produced there.

With the firm resolution to become a vanguard fighter in realizing the plan of the President and the Marshal Kim Jong Il for electrification, ho devoted all his energies and wisdom to the building of minor power stations.

He has worked devotedly to create the generating capacity of 10,000 kwh for 17 years from the day he began the construction of power stations.

He cut a tunnel through rocks with hammers if rock-drills broke down. Even when the pit was filled with water gushing down from the ceiling, he continued tunneling by operating rock-drills installed on a raft.

If the project was temporarily suspended owing to the shortage of materials and bad weather conditions, he moved to a new project to do things helpful toward accelerating the construction of power stations.

To rescue comrades, he threw himself into a pit filled with gas from the blasting at the risk of his life and took care of disabled soldiers like his real brothers and arranged wedding feasts for his comrades who had no parents.

All these show what a man ho is.

He became the head of one unit after working as a tunneling worker and has since led the unit in the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and fortitude, strong militant spirit, bold and big way of work and with exemplary practice.

His strong grit and principle, warm love and chivalrous spirit, unworldly-minded and simple character make his unit dynamic and optimistic and helped toward successfully building minor power stations in many places.

Kim Jong Il visited Taehongdan county in October last year and looked round the power stations. He noted with great satisfaction that power stations were magnificently built, and that they were well designed.

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