Observation of UN Charter called for

Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) — A DPRK representative made a speech at the discussion of a “report of UN Security Council” at the plenary meeting of the 54th UN General Assembly on October 20.

He referred to the report of the UN Security Council, holding that the current UN General Assembly session should provide an opportunity of comprehensively reviewing different aspects of the activities of the UN Security Council in view of the UN Charter.

What is essential for ensuring the transparency of the activities of the UN Security Council is to take steps of confining unofficial negotiations to the discussion of procedural matters and discussing all issues at official meetings, he noted, and continued:

Those directly involved in disputes should be invited to participate not only in official meetings but in unofficial negotiations so that their views could be fully reflected in the course of the debate.

He recalled that the UN is facing such challenges as persistently ignoring the objective and principles of the UN Charter and breaching its authority in the activities of the UN Security Council and resorting to arbitrary practices of using armed forces against sovereign states even without new security council resolutions and in disregard of the UN in worse case.

If the principle of respect for sovereignty in the relationship between states is ignored, the world can never be in peace, he said, adding if the united nations is to contribute to ensuring global peace and security and building a peaceful world desired by humankind in the new century, the principles of respect for sovereignty, non-interference in others’ internal affairs and mutual equality laid down in the UN Charter and international laws should be strictly observed, first of all.

The UN Security Council should not on any account opt to encroach upon the sovereignty of the member nations nor allow the breach of the sovereignty of other countries and interference in their internal affairs, he stated, and went on:

If the UN Security Council resolutions are to be implemented more effectively, there should be a system whereby resolutions on very important issues such as those on the use of armed forces and economic sanctions should get the approval of the UN General Assembly.

The UN Security Council, at the same time, should reexamine the implementation of the resolutions adopted in the past, take steps of correcting in a bold way those which are contrary to the UN Charter or do not conform with the present times and thus eradicate the leftover of the Cold War.

In this regard he drew attention to more than 40,000 U.S. troops in South Korea who are acting “UN forces” under the UN berets.

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