Pitiful guy’s shriek

Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) — The South Korean “Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade”, Hong Sun Yong, let loose a spate of outbursts slandering the army-first policy of the Worker’s Party of Korea at a ceremony commemorating the 54th day of the United Nations.

Rodong Sinmun today in a signed commentary dismisses this as intolerable. This is an open challenge and unpardonable provocation to the dignified WPK, Korean people and the DPRK, it notes, and goes on:

The WPK policy of giving priority to military affairs is based on the revolutionary philosophy that the army is precisely the party, people and state. It serves as a source of miracles and innovations in this land.

Hong’s outbursts are nothing but a shriek of those much upset by the might of the single-heartedly united Korean people who are vigorously accelerating the grand march to build a powerful nation.

Only the people’s severe punishment awaits the South Korean rulers, who are engrossed in scrambles for power, flunkeyist and treacherous moves, ignorant of politics.

No matter what one may decry the Korean people will certainly build a powerful nation on this land, pursuant to the WPK’s policy of giving priority to military affairs.

Hong should apologize at once for his defamatory remark and retract it.

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