Intensified anti-U.S. Struggle called for

Pyongyang, October 29 (KCNA) — The mission of the National Democratic Front of South Korea (NDFSK) in Pyongyang called a press conference Thursday as regards the recent disclosure of more facts about massacres committed by the U.S. forces in South Korea during the Korean War which greatly angered the public at home and abroad.

The press conference was attended by home and foreign mediamen.

Speaking at the press conference, chief of the mission Pak Kwang Gi condemned GIs’ massacre as a most hideous killing in the human history and barbarism intended to exterminate the Korean nation.

Though the truth behind the U.S. forces’ atrocities has been clearly confirmed, the United States and the South Korean authorities have taken an ambiguous stand and approach towards them, leaving intolerable serious issues.

He elaborated on the fact that the U.S. forces’ massacre was absolutely an intentional and premeditated one perpetrated on the orders of U.S. forces’ commanders.

Hard hit by the Korean People’s Army after igniting a war to invade the north, the U.S. forces mercilessly killed innocent civilians to give vent to their anger, he said, adding:

Another point at issue is that the United States and the South Korean authorities mentioned only a few controversial cases of the U.S. forces’ killings committed during the war and have kept mum about the monstrous crimes including those killings committed before and after the war.

With nothing can the United States conceal the truth behind the shuddering massacres committed by the U.S. forces during the war and all crimes they have perpetrated in the south in the past more than 50 years or flee from responsibility for those crimes.

The South Korean authorities should immediately stop such treacheries as betraying the nation’s dignity and interests by covering up and defending the U.S. forces’ killings and step down.

It is the way of rooting out U.S. forces’ crimes to achieve independence, democracy and reunification. He renewed the pledge of the NDFSK to rouse the people from all walks of life to the intensified anti-U.S. struggle for independence.

Then, Pak Kwang Gi answered questions put by reporters.

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