Japan’s nuclear ambition should be uprooted

Pyongyang, October 29 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun today slams the Japanese reactionaries for designing to use the recent nuclear accident as an opportunity to step up their nuclear armament.

The recent nuclear accident rocking Japan was the inevitable consequence of their long-standing frantic policy to become a nuclear power, the news analyst says.

Referring in detail to the Japanese authorities’ plan for surplus stockpile of plutonium and the amount of nuclear warheads that will be made from it he points out that they are needed for an actual war, not for decorative or ornamental use.

He goes on:

The Japanese reactionaries, feeling that their defeat in the last world war is attributable to weak power and to having no nuclear weapons, regard nuclear weapons as an all-powerful means to achieve their ambition for domination over Asia and the world and intend to make no scruple of massacring humankind for this purpose.

Japan has removed institutional mechanism, the broke on nuclear armament and overseas military operations, one by one and established the system for aggressive war in the main.

It is the serious pending issue, not one of future, that Japan will exert nuclear disasters upon the world people in a bid to realise its ambition for overseas aggression.

In order to prevent the terrible genocide Japan should be brought to court and indicted for its dangerous plan to become a nuclear power and the seriousness of the situation and that its nuclear armament should be stopped under strict international surveillance.

The Japanese reactionaries think that, as the permanent members of the UN Security Council are all nuclear weapon states, they can arm themselves on a legal basis with nuclear weapons if they take the permanent seat.

Now that nuclear threat from Japan exists, it is an urgent task to uproot the nuclear ambition of Japan.

If Japan starts a nuclear war, the whole land of Japan will sustain the same nuclear holocaust as Hiroshima.

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