S. Korean ruler’s attempt to hush up GIs’ massacre

Pyongyang, October 30 (KCNA) — The probe into the truth behind the massacre of civilians by GIs during the Korean War is feared to be hushed up due to the passive stand of the “people’s government” of South Korea, according to a Seoul-based radio report.

This cannot but touch off anger of all Koreans as this is a treacherous move of the South Korean rulers to intentionally cover up the indelible massacre of South Korean people by U.S. aggressors.

GIs’ indiscriminate killings of several millions of civilians in different parts of South Korea including the massacre committed by them in Rogun-ri have been verified by the continued disclosure of facts. This truth can never be concealed.

It is the unanimous demand of the nation who have deep rancor against the U.S. to thoroughly probe the truth behind the mass-killings by GIs and indict them, the sworn enemy of our people, for their crimes.

Nevertheless, the South Korean ruling quarters are now trying to shun the probe into the truth behind the incident, saying that materials are insufficient and it is hard to find clear evidence.

This position is intolerable.

Although the Rogun-ri incident should be dealt with at once, the South Korean rulers assert that “it will take about nine months to round off the investigation”. This is nothing but a sheer trick to hush up the incident, dragging out the probe.

This criminal act can be committed only by the flunkeyists and traitors, most faithful servants for the U.S., who cannot survive without U.S. backing.

This means that they shield American killers and betrays their undisguised fascist intention to harshly suppress the South Korean people aspiring after independence, democracy and reunification.

Those quislings who are turning their back on the nation, utterly indifferent to their pent-up resentment, and depend only on outsiders are sure to meet a severe punishment by the people.

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