Negation of Tangun — traitorous act

Pyongyang, October 31 (KCNA) — The spokesman for the History Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences of the DPRK issued a statement on Saturday, denouncing some dishonest people of South Korea for negating the nation’s father Tangun and destroying his statues.

Tangun is the ancestral father of the Korean nation and founder of the first state in Korea who began the formation of the nation and opened the era of civilization for the first time in the nation’s history of five thousand years.

The statement says:

The South Korean authorities, far from lending an ear to the demand of patriotic forces for investigation into the defamation of Tangun’s statues and punishment of those responsible for it, are conniving at it and thus encouraging the anti-national act.

The blatant negation of Tangun in South Korea is not a mere religious dispute caused by different beliefs but a premeditated and deliberate act wire-pulled by the separatists who intend to create discord within the nation and undermine the foundation of national unity.

Negation of Tangun is an anti-national act that denies the nation’s history and traditions and the homogeneity of blood, the foundation of overall national unity.

Through this racket, the South Korean authorities scheme to block the north’s patriotic politics of national independence from affecting South Korea and put down the growing spirit of overall national unity by throwing a wet blanket over the South Korean people’s admiration for the north, which is firmly defending the national identity and independence and building a powerful state.

In the name of all the historians and the fellow countrymen who love the nation and value the nation’s history, we bitterly denounce the South Korean authorities for negating the ancestral father of the nation and trying to spoil the nation’s history of five thousand years again.

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