Damage done to Tangun’s statues condemned

Pyongyang, November 1 (KCNA) — A spokesman of the Council for the Reunification of the Tangun Nation in the DPRK issued a statement on sunday condemning some dishonest elements in South Korea for negating Tangun, the ancestral father of the Korean nation, and doing serious damage to his statues although he actually existed.

The statement said:

The South Korean authorities connive at and shield the criminal acts of destroying Tangun’s statues, clamoring about “fear of involvement in religious dispute.” This is nothing but a treachery of debasing the 5,000 year long history of the Korean nation founded by Tangun and challenging the movement for the unity and reunification of the nation.

The act of destroying Tangun’s statues committed by some anti-communist elements under the patronage of the South Korean authorities is intended to dampen the South Korean people’s wish to accomplish the cause of reunification of the Tangun nation, upholding the sun of the nation.

The statement dismissed the South Korean authorities’ negation of Tangun’s history and destruction of his statues as a dastardly treacherous act of shielding the past crime of the Japanese who described him as a fabulous person.

Noting that the council for the reunification of the Tangun nation will make all efforts to adhere to the Juche and national characters in the management and preservation of Tangun’s relics and in academic researches into Tangun and achieve the unity and reunification of the nation, the statement expressed the hope that the Tangun religious associations and civic organizations in South Korea would actively join its struggle.

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