Far-fetched assertions of U.S. and S. Korean authorities

Pyongyang, November 1 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun today in a signed commentary denounces the U.S. and South Korean ruling quarters for trying to cover up killings of South Korean people committed by the U.S. aggression forces in different places during the Korean War.

The commentary says:

Now the South Korean people and the world progressives demand the U.S. admit, apologize and compensate for the GIs’ massacre.

However, the U.S. makes the far-fetched assertion that there is neither evidence nor information to verify the truth. The South Korean rulers also make a petty trick to cover up the crimes of their master, saying that there is no clear evidence to be admitted by the U.S. side.

Such trick and far-fetched assertions of the U.S. aggressors and the South Korean traitors will work on nobody in this world today.

Quite clear is their real intention to cover up the massacre by GIs which has already been brought to light.

The U.S. seeks to continue killing South Koreans in the future, too, while the South Korean rulers are trying to remain their stooges in return for offering as ever fellow countrymen to the aggressors as playthings and hunting objects.

The Korean people should, therefore, make the U.S. pays for the blood shed by Koreans.

It is the only way out for the South Korean people to survive and for the nation to escape from disasters to wipe out the aggressors and traitors.

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