Grand Chollima march under guidance of Kim Jong Il

Pyongyang, November 2 (KCNA) — The on-going second grand Chollima march is bringing about a turning point in all fields of the national economy in Korea.

Over one hundred achievements made in scientific researches such as the method of making iron by oxygen blowing have been introduced into production to pay off profusely. Thus ands of minor power stations made their appearance to increase the electricity production and great successes have been made in the fields of mining, metal and machine industries.

An underground coal gas industry has been built in the Anju coal field, the nation’s leading coal producer, and a salt industry created in the bay of east Korea. Meanwhile, a Myongdang fire brick production process has been established at the Sangwon Cement Complex to effect a great innovation in the fireproof materials industry and the cement industry.

These spectacular successes are a brilliant fruition of the experienced and tested leadership of the great Kim Jong Il.

Until last year, the nation’s economy as a whole could not operate on a normal footing because the channel of purchasing materials from abroad was blocked due the economic sanctions of the imperialists and several years of natural disasters and there was an acute shortage of electricity, materials and raw materials.

At this hard time, Kim Jong Il stood in the van to tide over all difficulties lying in the way of the revolution.

During his visit to Jagang Province in Panuary last year, he was convinced that there is nothing insurmountable if one is determined to carry out the tasks given by the party, while noticing the fighting spirit of the people in the province to devotedly implement them by tightening their belts under whatever difficult situation.

Then he went among the workers of the Songjin Steel Works.

He appealed to them, who supported the party through increased steel production in every difficult time, to take the lead again in effecting a great upsurge.

He visited the nation’s important economic areas one after another including Huichon, Manpho, Taehongdan, Tokchon and north Hamgyong, Kangwon and north Phyongan provinces. Everywhere he went, he taught the officials and workers concrete ways of industrial management. He told them to take an optimistic view of the reality and undertake all work in a bold and big way in reliance upon enormous production potentials, attach importance to science, update technology and ensure real benefits through the improvement of economic methods.

His energetic on-the-spot guidance greatly inspired all the people and brought about fresh miracles and feats an all fronts of the socialist economic construction.

Korea will witness the appearance of a powerful and prosperous nation before long thanks to the second grand chollima march, now in full gear, demonstrating the might of the single-hearted unity between the leader and people.

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