Publication anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s work marked

Pyongyang, November 2 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun today dedicates a signed article to the fifth anniversary of the publication of General Secretary Kim Jong Il’s famous work “Socialism Is a Science.”

Lauding the greatness of Kim Jong Il who has defended socialism under the red flag, the article says:

Five years have passed since the work was published on November 1, Juche 83 (1994). They were significant years when the socialist cause of Juche was firmly defended and victoriously accelerated thanks to Marshal Kim Jong Il’s idea of red flag, iron faith and wise guidance.

In those years of sacred revolutionary history the Korean people have felt his greatness more deeply.

The greatness of the Marshal who has led the cause of socialism to victory can be found, above all, in the fact that he has firmly defended the socialist principles in all fields of revolution and construction.

The red flag idea of the Worker’s Party of Korea means unfailingly loyalty to the principles of revolution, the socialist principles. The most important idea of the work “socialism is a science” is that we will make no concession as to the principles of revolution adhered to by the President Kim Il Sung.

With the steadfast revolutionary principle Kim Jong Il has strictly ensured the political leadership of the party and the unified guidance of the state and firmly defended the socialist ownership. It was thanks to his principled leadership that even under the difficult conditions of the “arduous march,” the forced march, our party could consistently shape popular policies and maintain the socialist way of combining political and moral incentive with material incentive while giving priority to the former.

His greatness was also manifested in the fact that he had reliably defended the socialist fatherland with the army-first policy. His army-first policy is the unique socialist way of politics under which all the problems arising in the revolution and construction are solved on the principle of giving priority to the army and socialism is accelerated in all aspects with the people’s army as a main pillar.

His greatness is also that he had brought about a great revolutionary upswing in socialist construction with the might of single-hearted unity. As a result, a strong springboard has been laid for the building of a powerful nation and the powerful 2nd grand Chollima march has been launched across the country in the period of stern trials.

Under the wise guidance of Kim Jong Il the Korean people will advance the socialist cause of Juche victoriously.

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