Anniversary of Kwangju students incident

Pyongyang, November 3 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun here today dedicates a signed article to the 70th anniversary of the Kwangju students incident on November 3, Juche 18 (1929) which was triggered off when Japanese boy students teased and insulted a Korean girl student.

The article says:

The incident continued till April next year despite the brutal suppression by the Japanese. It was a massive anti-Japanese patriotic resistance of the Korean youth and students against the Japanese colonial rule, slave education and national contempt, which demonstrated the Korean people’s firm national will to drive out the invaders and achieve national independence and sovereignty.

Though the Korean people’s massive anti-Japanese struggle was put down, it dealt a telling blow to the colonial rule of the Japanese and fully demonstrated bravery, wisdom and fighting spirit of the Korean nation to the whole world.

National dignity and interests are seriously trampled down and the people are subjected to humiliation, insult and disgrace as slaves in South Korea today under the colonial rule of the U.S. The reality there is more deplorable than under the colonial rule of the Japanese.

The U.S.’s occupation of South Korea is the main cause of misfortunes and sufferings of the South Korean people. As shown by massacres in Yongdong and Kwangju, the U.S. regard the Korean people as no more than “mouses” and do not hesitate to commit such brutalities as killing them, looting their properties and raping Korean women as they please.

Moreover, the U.S. force the South Korean people to slave under the mandate of the International Monetary Fund.

The Japanese militarist forces that have revived under the U.S.’s patronage are feverishly whetting their swords for reinvasion to repeat the history of crimes committed against the Korean people in the past.

Not content with having offered everything to the U.S., the South Korean ruling quarters are selling off the country and nation even to the Japanese reactionaries, the sworn enemy of the Korean nation.

The South Korean people can never get rid of foreign domination and subjugation as long as the nation allows such group of traitors to stay in the land.

National reunification is the supreme cherished wish and most urgent task of the Korean nation.

All Koreans in the north, south and overseas should turn out in the just struggle for national reconciliation, unity and reunification.

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