Kim Jong Il leads 2nd grand Chollima march

Pyongyang, November 3 (KCNA) — The tested leadership of the great Kim Jong Il is the fundamental source which effects a great revolutionary upsurge in the socialist construction and a motive force which speeds up the building of a powerful nation, says Rodong Sinmun in a signed article today.

The daily goes on:

Kim Jong Il is a genius of creation and construction who kindled the flame of the second grand Chollima march on this land.

The march has been launched thanks to his distinguished intelligence and wisdom.

The optimism and faith that a powerful nation is sure to be built thanks to his scientific lines and policies are the main factor which enables the Korean people to launch the march.

The march would have been be unthinkable but for the solid foundation for the building of a powerful nation provided by him and the powerful political force firmly cemented by him.

He is a great statesman who leads the march to victory with his outstanding commanding art.

He leads the march wisely.

He, first of all, enlists the idea of the masses and arouses them to display their strength to the fullest.

It is his mode of politics to enlist their idea, move their hearts and settle all matters.

His great trust and loving care for the Korean people make them perform miracles and feats in the march.

He also always administers politics in the vibrant reality and effects a great upswing in the socialist construction with his strong practical ability.

He is a great man with matchlessly strong will and practical ability. With this ability, he sets higher goals no others dare to do, organizes people for the socialist construction and attains his goals at any cost in any difficulty.

Humankind will see before long the appearance of a powerful socialist nation under his wise leadership.

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