Meeting of frontrankers of 2nd grand Chollima march opens

Pyongyang, November 3 (KCNA) — A meeting of frontrankers of the second grand Chollima march opened here today in grand style.

The meeting will review the achievements and experience gained in the course of heroically carrying out the “arduous march” and the forced march and of accelerating the second grand Chollima march and discuss tasks and ways of bringing about a new great revolutionary upsurge in the spirit of Kanggye.

Among those present at the meeting were Kim Yong Nam and other senior party and state officials, labor heroes and heroines, unassuming heroes and heroines and labor innovators.

A congratulatory message of the central committee of the Worker’s Party of Korea to the participants was read out at the meeting.

Noting that the Korean people’s history of the socialist construction is that of the grand Chollima march, the message says that the great leader Kim Jong Il led the unprecedented “arduous march” and the forced march, thus laying a springboard from which to start building a powerful nation and kindling the torch to effect a new great Chollima upsurge in the revolution and construction.

The frontrankers have performed admirable feats exalting the Korean people’s history of building a powerful nation in the van of the grand Chollima march under the leadership of the party. They are true loyalists and patriots of our era, who devote themselves to the prosperity of the country, upholding the party and the leader with their revolutionary faith and conscience, it says, and goes on:

The frontrankers have brought about innovations and upsurge despite manifold hardships and trials, holding aloft the red flag of the revolution, proving the absolute truth that Korean-style socialism centred on the popular masses is sure to triumph.

The message highly praises the frontrankers for the great successes made in the sacred struggle for the victory of our revolution and the country’s prosperity with intense loyalty and total dedication to the party and the leader, fatherland and people.

The frontrankers of the grand Chollima march should become vanguard fighters in safeguarding the headquarters of revolution led by the great Kim Jong Il with their lives in the spirit of devotedly defending their leader and in carrying into practice the party’s plan for the building of a powerful nation, it stresses.

Premier Hong Song Nam made a report at the meeting.

Referring to the achievements made in the second grand Chollima march, the reporter said that they were entirely attributable to the distinguished and seasoned leadership of Kim Jong Il.

He said:

Under the guidance of Kim Jong Il, we should speed up the march on a steed in the revolutionary spirit of soldiers and the Kanggye spirit and thus achieve a great victory in building an economic power.

All the officials and working people should become an absolute worshipper, staunch defender and thoroughgoing implementer of his great idea, upholding the slogan of faith “Let’s always be cheerful although our path is thorny ” and learning from the indomitable working style of Jong Song Ok, Kim Yu Bong, Pak Ok Hui, Ho Yong Gu, Hyon Yong Ra and Ri Ung Chan, paragons of loyal subjects in our era.

They should also continue to fully display the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and strenuous efforts and strictly establish the traits of carrying out their economic assignments and managing their economic life by their own efforts.

The reporter also called for more dynamically conducting mass movements such as the three-revolution red flag movement and the campaign to follow the example of the unassuming heroes and thoroughly establishing the cultured practice in work and life, following the example of Jagang Province so as to keep working places and residential quarters more neat and tidy.

Then followed speeches.

The meeting continues.

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