Perfect unity between leader and people

Pyongyang, November 4 (KCNA) — There are many stories about the ties of kinship between the leader and the people in Korea.

It happened some days ago when General Secretary Kim Jong Il gave an on-site guidance to the newly built Kwangmyongsong saltern.

That day Kim Jong Il highly praised the officials and the workers for having performed feats by completing the gigantic nature-remaking project in a short period, and had a picture taken with innovators.

Among them were a couple of young builders and their little daughter.

They volunteered to work in the project in hearty response to the far-reaching plan of the Worker’s Party of Korea and got married in the course of the construction. And when a lovely daughter was born, they named her Ryu So Gum (So Gum means salt in English).

On reaching the photographing site, Kim Jong Il approached them and asked their daughter “Are you Ryu So Gum?” and he wished her a happy future, patting her on the cheek.

Very satisfied with their deeds, he invited them to stand very close to him while having a picture taken.

This family was one of many families loved and blessed by him.

He spared time to visit new houses to which newly-wed couples had moved and took care of their living like their real father, during his on-site guidance in recent months.

While giving an on-site guidance to Taehongdan county in August, he visited the family of a discharged soldier and took deep care of every aspect of its living. He asked the couple about the expected baby and bestowed warm solicitude upon them.

And during his on-site guidance to the Hamhung disabled soldiers plastic daily necessaries factory, he met disabled soldiers there and their wives, gave a warm pep talk to them and had a picture taken with them.

Hence, the Korean people are running at a canter full of vigor under Kim Jong Il’s wise leadership, holding him in high esteem as their real father.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/25061723@N00/6164931126/

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