Banquet for Mongolian Prime Minister

Pyongyang, November 5 (KCNA) — The DPRK government hosted a banquet for Mongolian Prime Minister Renchinnyamiin Amarjargal on a visit to Korea at the Mansudae Assembly Hall yesterday.

Invited were the Prime Minister’s wife, Gavaagiin Batkhuu, Minister of Infrastructural Development, Choinzongiin Sodnomtseren, Minister of Industry and Agriculture, Ochiryn Ochirjav, secretary of state for the Ministry of Foreign Relations, Damdiny Byambaa, Mongolian Ambassador E.P. to the DPRK, and other suite members.

Premier Hong Song Nam, addressing the banquet, said that the Prime Minister’s visit to Korea marked an important occasion in consolidating and developing friendly and cooperative relations between the two peoples and deepening each other’s understanding.

Saying that the Mongolian government and people are making strenuous efforts to guarantee the country’s political stability, develop the economy and ensure the peace and stability of Asia and the Pacific region, he sincerely hoped that all work will go well in Mongolia.

Prime Minister Renchinnyamiin Amarjargal said in his speech that the great leader Kim Il Sung contributed to the development of the relations between the two countries by paying two friendly visits to Mongolia.

He expressed the conviction that the current visit would mark an important occasion in strengthening traditional friendly relationship between the two countries and further developing effective cooperation between them and wished the Korean people great success in the work to develop the country and realize the cause of peaceful reunification.

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