KCNA on Japan’s “non-combatant rescue plan”

Pyongyang, November 6 (KCNA) — Recently Japan mapped out a “non-combatant rescue plan” on the pretext of rescuing the Japanese in South Korea in an “emergency” on the Korean peninsula, according to a report.

The Japanese maritime or air “Self-Defense Force” will reportedly be mobilized in the 8-phase plan and it be commanded by the Prime Minister.

This very ill-boding military development indicates that the Japanese reactionaries’ moves for reinvasion have attained a new dimension and reached the stage of full implementation.

The “non-combatant rescue plan” is, in essence, an aggressive war plan to launch a reinvasion of Korea.

The plan is nothing but a plot to deceive the world opinion. The Japanese reactionaries are seeking to massively hurl their “Self-Defense Forces” into South Korea under the pretext of an “emergency” on the Korean peninsula.

They have already secured the “SDF’s” right of belligerency and the right to participate in a war through the adoption of bills related to the “Japan-U.S. Defense Cooperation Guidelines” to cope with an “emergency” on the Korean peninsula.

What Japan has not yet done is to invent a pretext to hurl the “Self-Defense Forces” into South Korea. The newly-hammered out “non-combatant rescue plan” represents a green light to the move to attain that aim.

Japan drew up a new plan to stage a comeback to the Korean peninsula against the backdrop of the unprecedentedly intensifying bilateral and multilateral military cooperation and joint war drills with the United States and South Korea.

This is an undisguised challenge to the DPRK.

It is the firm will of the Korean people to return fire for fire.

The Japanese reactionaries should clearly know this and give up their wild design for reinvasion.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/northkoreatravel/14111996968/

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