Plotters will have to pay dearly

Pyongyang, November 6 (KCNA) — A foreign news report quoted the November 2 edition of the newspaper Chosun Ilbo as saying that there was a “turmoil” in some part of the North Korea.

In a bid to make the false report credible, the government-controlled anti-communist newspaper said that a “special unit was mobilized in suppressing the turmoil” according to a “source” that had just been to the north.

This shows that the South Korean puppets feel ill at ease because the people’s army and people of the north are successfully building a powerful socialist state, wholeheartedly united around the respected Kim Jong Il and anthropocentric Korean socialism is emerging victorious.

It is obvious that they fabricated this false report for a sinister purpose of creating discord between the army and the people in the north, impairing the army-first revolutionary leadership, the great mode of politics of the Worker’s Party of Korea, and disparaging the ever-rising international prestige of the DPRK.

This is, however, a third-rate trick.

As the world recognizes, the DPRK is the best socialist society centering on the masses in the world.

All people exercise their rights as genuine masters of the state and society and learn, work and enjoy happiness to their hearts’ content under the care of the party and the state and step up the second grand chollima march, helping and leading one another forward under the slogan “one for all and all for one.”

In this society, “turmoil” is impossible and unimaginable.

There can be “turmoil” in such a colonial fascist dictatorial society as South Korea where exploitation and oppression hold sway, human rights are trampled underfoot ruthlessly and the rich get richer and the poor poorer.

False propaganda can convince no one.

Truth will remain truth and cannot be denied or distorted.

No matter how hard the South Korean puppets concoct a plot and make false reports, it will only do harm to themselves.

We brand this intrigue as a heinous criminal act against the dignity of our people’s army, our people and our republic. We will certainly make the South Korean authorities and the Chosun Ilbo pay for their criminal insult sometime.

The South Korean puppet authorities must immediately stop the false reports and intrigues that go against inter-Korean reconciliation, great national unity and reunification.

As long as they resort to the anti-DPRK intrigues that aggravate the north-south confrontation, we will be compelled to have no contact with them and they will have to be held wholly responsible for all the consequences.

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