U.S. urged to drop its sinister design

Pyongyang, November 6 (KCNA) — Minju Joson today in a signed commentary condemns the U.S. for trying to stifle the DPRK militarily at any cost.

Recently the United States released results of the opinion poll on the issue of dispatching the U.S. forces to cope with the “attack” by the DPRK and put forward “guidelines” for “pushing diplomatic and security policies concerning the biological and chemical weapons of North Korea.”

The commentary dismisses this as moves to keep increasing the number of the U.S. aggressor forces in South Korea and escalate their maneuvers for a war of aggression.

These moves of the U.S. to militarily stifle the DPRK increase our doubt about its loudmouthed “dialogue” and “peace”, the commentary observes, and goes on:

Dialogue is incompatible with war.

It is our firm will and determination to answer dialogue with dialogue and return fire for fire.

We have military power strong enough to cope with whatever aggressive moves of the imperialists.

If the U.S. persists in its moves to stifle the DPRK by force of arms, we will mobilize to the maximum the strength to annihilate the enemy built up for scores of years and deal retaliatory blows to the aggressors.

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