15th volume of library on Kim Il Sung published

Pyongyang, November 8 (KCNA) — Recently the Publishing House of the Worker’s Party of Korea brought out the 15th volume “Bright Solution of the Problems of the Socialist Economic Management” of the library “Immortal Revolutionary Feats Performed by the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung”.

The volume has 3 parts, 7 chapters and 19 sections.

Its first part deals with the ideological and theoretical feats President Kim Il Sung performed by founding the idea and theory of the man-centred socialist economic management and systematizing them in an integral way on the basis of the Juche idea for the first time in history and proves its greatness.

Its second part deals with the wisdom and greatness of the leadership of the President who created the system and methods of the socialist economic management of our style and successfully solved the problems of the economic management in each period of the revolutionary development.

Its third part writes about the feats performed by the President by creditably solving the problems of the socialist economic management and its enduring historic significance in the Korean people’s socialist construction and the implementation of the human cause of independence.

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