More facts about GIs’ massacre disclosed

Pyongyang, November 10 (KCNA) — The number of people killed by a U.S. air force bombing of Riri Railway Station, North Jolla Province, (Iksan Railway Station) on July 11, 1950 was not 50, but over 300, according to a report of a weekly magazine of South Korea “Hangyorye 21” October 28.

The report was based on testimonies of witnesses. The previous report which said 50 were killed and 300 wounded was based on information provided by the railway authorities at that time. This included only employees of the station, who fell victim to the bombing, leaving those ordinary civilian victims uncounted. “At that time, nearly 100 families lived around the Riri Railway Station and over half of them were killed by the bombing,” said witnesses.

Meanwhile, the paper “Hangyorye” reported that there was increasing evidence showing the truth about the massacre committed by GIs in Rogun-ri during the Korean War. The paper noted that the names of those who had been considered to be killed in Rogun-ri are still registered as alive in the document of the town office of Yongdong county, North Chungchong Province, and those who survived the bombing at that time are undergoing sufferings as disabled.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/thomasfisherlibrary/3585713176/

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