GIs’ massacre in Masan disclosed

Pyongyang, November 11 (KCNA) — A massacre committed by the U.S. aggression troops in Kokan-ri of Masan in August 1950 was recently disclosed by the November issue of the South Korean magazine “Mal.”

The magazine said:

More than 100 people whose family name was Ri had taken shelter all together in a house meant for sacrificial rite at the foot of a mountain behind Kokan-ri village from early August.

Just one day before the massacre, a GI appeared there with an interpreter and went back after learning that there were only civilians, most of them children, women and aged people.

The following day GIs opened fire at the civilians just 30 metres from the house, showered mortar barrage upon them and mobilized even planes to strafe them, thus killing 83 of them. Maj. Gen. William Kinn, the then commander of the U.S. 25th division, issued an order for the massacre.

On July 26, 1950 just before the massacre he ordered his units to consider all the civilians in the operation theatre as the enemy and take a relevant measure that meant indiscriminate killings.

Ri Man Sun, chairman of the “Measure Committee of Bereaved Families of the Civilians Killed in Kokan-ri” which was recently formed, asserted that with nothing can the U.S. justify such crime as opening fire at a woman in white clothes who was taking shelter with a baby on her back.

On Oct. 7 this year families of the victims and other people held an anti-U.S. meeting before the barracks of a unit of the U.S. aggression forces in Jinhae to bitterly condemn GIs’ atrocities and strongly demand compensation.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rnw/3486140588/

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