Repatriation of unconverted long-term prisoners called for

Pyongyang, November 13 (KCNA) — 8 Peruvian political parties including the Peruvian Communist Party and the People’s Front of Workers, Peasants and Students released a joint statement on November 8 demanding the repatriation of the unconverted long-term prisoners in South Korea.

The statement scathingly condemned the South Korean authorities for brutally violating the rights of North Korean prisoners of war on the mere “charge” of refusing the “ideological conversion,” terming it as an unpardonable unethical crime.

The statement said:

We extend full support to the just demand of the Red Cross Society of the DPRK for the repatriation of unconverted long-term prisoners in South Korea to their hometowns.

We strongly demand the South Korean authorities take an immediate measure to repatriate before the end of the year all the unconverted long-term prisoners to their hometowns, where their families wait for them.

We also demand once again the immediate abolition of the anti-national and anti-reunification “security law” which totally blocks their return to the homeland.

The statement called upon the progressive governments, political parties, organizations, individual figures and all the human rights organizations of the world in struggle for the human rights and the democratization of the South Korean society to undertake a stronger movement for the humanitarian repatriation of unconverted long-term prisoners till the demand for their return home has been met.

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