S. Korea’s arms buildup denounced

Pyongyang, November 14 (KCNA) — The secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland issued information bulletin no. 795 denouncing the South Korean authorities for their arms buildup.

Recently, the South Korean authorities agreed with the U.S. on purchasing 14 Patriot missile launching systems of the latest type, called “PAC-3.” Earlier, they decided to introduce U.S. “F-16” fighter bombers and multi-rocket system and sophisticated oceanic watch and information system before the end of this year. They have also decided to ship U.S.-made ground-to-ground missiles “ATACMS block-A” into South Korea on a phased basis by 2006.

The information says:

All this proves that the South Korean authorities are desperately working to escalate the arms buildup for a forestalling strike against the north by wasting the money collected from the people through bloody taxation.

The South Korean authorities envisage the next year’s military spending amounting to 14,439 billion won or 5 percent bigger than this year’s and are going to spend the fund for war preparations against the north.

They are hell bent on the arms buildup for confrontation and war, not for reconciliation and unity. This clearly indicates that they are a group of wicked traitors, going against the aspiration and desire of the nation, and warmongers bringing clouds of war over the head of the nation.

If they persist in the war maneuvers against the compatriots, relying on foreign forces, it will lead them to self-destruction.

If the South Korean authorities keep escalating the tensions through ceaseless arms buildup to invade the north, defying its repeated warnings, they will be held wholly responsible for all the ensuing consequences.

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