GIs’ massacres disclosed

Pyongyang, November 15 (KCNA) — The South Korean newspaper Hangyore November 1 carried an article headlined “GIs’ massacre of innocent civilians committed in north, too.”

The article said: Misanthropy revealed in the tragedy in Rogun-ri indicates that the racial discrimination which the Americans have long pursued against Asia still persists.

It went on:

A GI,who was on the scene of the massacre in Rogun-ri, still remembers the order issued by the then commander of his unit “send them to hell, kill all of them.” A British reporter who saw a U.S. marine killing an old man said: The GI did not feel guilty at all. The GIs did not consider Koreans as human beings, and they seemed to be shouting to savage anthropoids, he added.

Pointing out that GIs’ massacres were also committed in the north, the article said that the orders to destroy all the villages in the north and reduce Pyongyang, Hungnam and Wonsan to ashes are recorded in the war diaries of the U.S. 24th division and the U.S. first mechanized division. Turning to the U.S.’s killings committed in the Sinchon area of the north, the article carried the testimony made by a visitor to the scene of atrocities.

Recalling that the U.S. troops also used germ weapons during the war of aggression against Korea, the article said that they dropped fleas, ticks and spiders infested with germ over Kumhwa, Pyongyang, and other areas, spreading contagious diseases.

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