Liquidation of Japan’s past called for

Pyongyang, November 15 (KCNA) — Voices calling for the liquidation of the past of Japan are loudly ringing out from international organizations including the United Nations.

Countless are the crimes committed by the Japanese against peoples of different countries. In Korea alone, nearly 200,000 women were taken as “comfort women for the army” and subjected to sexual servitude. More than one million people were ruthlessly killed and over six millions of young and middle-aged people were drafted for hard labour.

It is the legal and moral duty for Japan, the assailant, to make a sincere apology and compensation for the victims.

Japan’s wild design is to brandish sword of reinvasion to stain the Asia-Pacific region with the blood of innocent people and flutter “Hinomaru” there. That is why Japan has not yet liquidated its past.

Many countries and peoples of the world are strongly denouncing Japan for dreaming of overseas aggression.

The past liquidation is not for others but for Japan itself.

The future of Japan will be decided by it.

Now Japan is branded as a war criminal state. It cannot get rid of this disgraceful label as although it wants to do. If it wants to get rid of the label, it must clearly liquidate the past so that it may be recognized by the international community. Though it shows off the bag of dollars for the improvement of its image anywhere, it is treated as a political dwarf chiefly because it avoids the past liquidation.

Japan can remain alive only when it liquidates its past.

Avoiding the past liquidation will lead Japan to isolation and destruction.

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