U Chi Son, famous ceramic artist

Pyongyang, November 15 (KCNA) — U Chi Son (80), a creator of the Mansudae Art Studio, some days ago received a benevolent birthday table sent by General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

U Chi Son is a skillful artist who has greatly contributed to the development of Korea’s ceramic workmanship.

He is well known at home and abroad for his special contribution to developing the Koryo ceramics with a long historical tradition to be suited to the modern sense of beauty and emotion of the Korean people.

Koryo celadon won its fame at home and abroad already in the period of Koryo dynasty. It is characterized with the pure and clean color like jade, peculiar pattern-decorated technique called Sanggam and mellow and delicate figure.

But Koryo celadon became moribund, losing its color owing to the anti-social crimes committed by the successive feudal rulers and the aftermath of a policy of obliterating the national culture the Japanese pursued when they occupied Korea.

U Chi Son, who was interested in the clay art in his early days, tried to become a ceramic craftsman by all means but his simple hope could never be achieved during the colonial rule by the Japanese.

It was only after the liberation of the country (August, 1945) that his hope and talents could come true.

At that time, Koryo celadon was being extirpated without technique of making it handed down.

He succeeded in restoring the secret method of making Koryo celadon with painful pursuit and efforts while working at the Koryo ceramic institute and pottery factories.

He has been fully displaying his talents at the craft-work production of the Mansudae Art Studio, a comprehensive art producer of the country, since 1981.

So far he has created hundreds of famous works of national value.

His works are characterized by introduction of special techniques with the main stress laid on the engraving decoration.

His works, including flower pot and kettle, distinct, diversified in technique, rhythmic in shape and special in pattern, enjoy the popular favour at home and abroad.

His works created a great sensation at the several exhibitions including Koryo celadon exhibition (1983) and “modern Koryo celadon and famous works exhibition” (1985, 1989) held in Japan.

In this period, he was awarded the titles of merited and people’s artists and the Kim Il Sung Prize. And he had honor of receiving high state commendations and participating in the several such meetings as a national meeting of Korean intellectuals.

His sons, too, are devoting their whole life to the creation of Koryo ceramics succeeding to their father’s business.

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