Achievements in medical science and technology

Pyongyang, November 16 (KCNA) — Workers in the field of public health have gained many achievements in medical scientific researches in Korea.

According to data available from the central committee of the Korean Association of Medical Sciences, as many as ten thousand signal achievements are made in medical science and technology every year and introduced into sanitary and anti-epidemic work.

This has provided ways of solving problems in health care and anti-epidemic work and curing incurable diseases.

In the last three years when the people carried out the “arduous march” and the forced march the public health workers across the country not only solved the serious problem of medicine and medical instruments by themselves in the spirit of self-reliance but studied and developed many new methods of treatment and operation by widely introducing the latest technology.

In this period, public health workers in Pyongyang succeeded in researches into more than 3,700 kinds of curing and preventive medicine and over 520 kinds of medical instruments and advanced at least 1,050 medical science papers. They are listed as ones of great significance in clinical practice.

Typical among them are medicine for incurable gash, universal ear-nose-throat- diagnosis and treating apparatus, universal digestive disease treating apparatus, method of operation by use of abdominal cavity glass, method of treating hemorhoids by high frequency, method of treating acute tonsillitis by use of acupuncture fed with penicilline and so on.

The latest medical technology has been applied to develop them.

These achievements have been widely introduced into many health care institutions across the country to pay off profusely.

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