Kim Jong Il, great statesman

Pyongyang, November 17 (KCNA) — The participants in the Korean book, photo and handicraft exhibition which was held in Portugal said that Kim Jong Il is a great statesman and the people’s leader whom the world progressives should hold in high esteem.

Miguel Boiere, mayor of Alcoset, Portugal, said that he felt uneasy and worried about the dark reality of the international communist movement in recent years.

Reading “Socialism Is a Science” and other works written by Kim Jong Il recently, I am convinced that the revolution is sure to win when it is carried out in line with his guiding idea, theory and method, he said, adding:

Indeed, Kim Jong Il is a great master of ideology and theory, the greatest man who is possessed of brilliant and outstanding organizing and leadership ability and a great leader of the present era who will lead the 21st century.

Manuela Bernardo, a leading official of the international department of the Communist Party of Portugal, said that Korea is now displaying its dignity and might in the international arena because it has such a great leader as Kim Jong Il at the head of the Worker’s Party of Korea.

Santos Cartos, chairman of the leadership of the Portuguese Federation of Students Cooperation, noted that when big powers are currying favour with the United States, reading its face, Korea, a small country, is exercising its sovereignty, challenging the U.S. This is because there is a peculiar leading method enshrined in Kim Jong Il’s policy of attaching priority to the army, he stated.

Blasco Hugo Fernandes, chairman of the Democratic Intervention of Portugal, said that there are no countries in the world but Korea which is united in one mind as an integral whole of the leader, the party and the masses.

Kim Jong Il who is administering affairs of the state, regarding the belief in the people as god as his maxim, is a great statesman and the people’s leader whom the world progressives should hold in high esteem.

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