KCNA on despicable burlesque

Pyongyang, November 18 (KCNA) — The South Korean authorities reportedly held an “unveiling ceremony” of the “monument to victory of Yonphyong naval battle” on November 11.

The South Korean authorities orchestrated the west sea incident and committed serious military provocations against the north last June only to meet a disgraceful defeat.

Falsifying the truth, they staged an “unveiling ceremony of the monument to victory.” This is nothing but a despicable burlesque staged by those who are hell-bent on the north-south confrontation.

Through this they foolishly seek to cover up their true colors as flunkeyists and traitors, lay the blame for the ever-worsening political and military confrontation between the north and the south at the door of another and bolster up the fallen morale of the colonial mercenary army to provoke a new war.

The South Korean authorities staged such a farce intended to escalate the north-south confrontation for a fratricidal war at a time when the public is strongly pushing for probe into the truth behind the massacres of South Korean people by GIs during the Korean War in the wake of the unbroken chain of its disclosure. This is an unpardonable anti-national and anti-reunification crime.

Instead of admitting and apologizing for their anti-national crimes, they built such a “monument” in a bid to beautify them and make a mockery of the history and the nation despite their talk about the “improvement of the inter-Korean relations.” This once again goes to prove that they have neither elementary national conscience nor will for reunification.

Unpardonable are the flunkeyist and traitorous actions and moves for confrontation with the north escalated by the South Korean authorities to perpetuate the division of the country with the backing of outsiders and start a new war at a time when all the fellow countrymen have come out in the struggle for the independent and peaceful reunification of the country at an early date through great national unity.

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