Kim Jong Il inspects KPA unit no. 715

Pyongyang, November 18 (KCNA) — General Secretary Kim Jong Il inspected unit no. 715 of the Korean People’s Army.

He was accompanied by vice marshals Jo Myong Rok, Kim Yong Chun, Kim Il Chol and Jon Jae Son and general officers of the Korean People’s Army and staff members of the KPA supreme command.

He received a salute on the spot.

At the forward observation post he learned about topography, deployment of forces and the situation of the enemy before hearing a report on the situation from the commander of the unit.

He was very pleased with the growth of the officers and men of the unit to be one-beats-a-hundred invincible ranks capable of repelling any surprise attack from the enemy at one stroke.

He put forward the tasks that would be very instrumental in increasing the combat power of the unit and consolidating the theatre of defence as an impregnable fortress.

On the height he met with soldiers on a guard duty, praised them for their service, gave them a pair of binoculars, a machine-gun and an automatic rifle as gifts and posed for a photograph with them at the trench on the frontline.

He went to an artillery company of the unit.

He looked round the education room, bedroom, daily provision store, cable way and entertainment, education and logistics facilities to take warm care of the life of the servicepersons.

He highly praised them for excellent living conditions, including the heating of all the bedrooms by use of electricity of their own making and solution of water problem through laying of cable way up to the height more than 1,000 metres above sea level.

He expressed expectation and belief that soldiers of the company would firmly defend man-centred socialist system of Korean style, the best in the world, by force of revolutionary arms and gave them a pair of binoculars and an automatic rifle as gifts.

He had a photograph taken together with the artillery company soldiers.

After the inspection of the unit he appreciated and directed the performance given by the art propaganda squad of KPA combined unit no. 313.

He highly praised the squad members for conducting mobile art activities among armymen and set forth the tasks to increase art propaganda within the army.

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