Main cause of atrocities should be rooted out

Pyongyang, November 18 (KCNA) — The truth about massacres of South Korean people by GIs have been clearly disclosed by UN official documents and testimonies made by those involved in massacres and survivors.

What remains to be done by the U.S., the assailant, is to admit the crimes and apologize and compensate for them.

The U.S., now sitting in the dock to face judgement by history, is playing every possible trite trick to conceal the truth about the massacres and get them buried in oblivion while the South Korean rulers are reading its face to please their master.

Rodong Sinmun today in a signed commentary dismisses the U.S. impudence as an unpardonable insult, challenge and mockery of the Korean nation and human conscience.

It says:

The desperate move of the U.S. to hide the stark truth behind GIs’ atrocities is aimed to kill South Koreans and plunder them as it pleases in the future, too. By covering up its crimes the South Korean rulers seek to curry favour with their master and tide over their political crisis.

It is because of the aggressors and traitors who lord it over in South Korea that the Korean nation is subjected to the untold insult, disgrace, sufferings and sacrifices, the commentary stresses, adding: The South Korean people can never be free from massacres unless the U.S., their root cause, are forced out of it.

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