People’s struggle to denounce GIs’ massacres supported

Pyongyang, November 19 (KCNA) — A mass meeting was held in Sinchon county, South Hwanghae Province on Nov. 18 to support the South Korean people in their struggle against GIs’ massacres.

U.S. aggression troops ruthlessly killed more than 35,000 innocent people in Sinchon county, or a quarter of its population, while they were stationed there during the Korean War.

Kwon Chun Hak, chairman of the south Hwanghae provincial people’s committee, in his speech extended full support to the just struggle of the South Korean people and students who are demanding an apology and compensation, disclosing the truth about brutal killings committed by GIs.

Representatives of people from all walks of life in their speeches held that GIs’ most hideous criminal acts can never be tolerated and they should be made to pay for them without fail.

An appeal to the people of all social standings in South Korea was adopted at the meeting.

It is quite natural for the South Korean people from all walks of life to have come out to denounce the unheard-of massacres committed by the U.S. and force them to pay for the blood shed by Koreans, it said.

The appeal called for escalating the struggle for a probe into the truth behind the massacres including the killing in Rogun-ri and compensation into a nationwide anti-U.S. struggle to keep tab on the crimes of the U.S., who have forced sufferings resulting from division and disasters of the war upon the Korean nation, and make them pay for the massacres.

It appealed to the South Korean people to put up a vigorous struggle to decisively foil the U.S. deceptive “probe into the truth” and “investigation”.

It also called upon them to turn out as one in the struggle to liquidate the pro-U.S., pro-Japanese stooges who are trampling underfoot the dignity and interests of the nation.

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