Development of national language in DPRK

Pyongyang, November 23 (KCNA) — The national language is in full bloom in the DPRK.

Today the purity of the Korean language is firmly preserved in keeping with the demand and desire of the times and people.

It was possible only thanks to the President Kim Il Sung who embodied the Juche idea in the linguistic field and indicated a correct way of developing the Korean language.

He made it clear that the basic orientation for the development of the Korean language was to set right the spoken and written Korean languages that had been badly affected by flunkeyism and dogmatism in the past, establish the Juche character in the language and promote its national character with a main emphasis on words of our own language.

He instructed not to use foreign and Chinese words in the Korean language but to make an effective use of our own language and coin and use new words in conformity with the developing reality.

This served as an important guideline for the development of the Korean language.

Underscoring the need to pave the way for the development of the Korean language to properly preserve the national character of the Korean language and develop it from a stand Juche, he saw to it that the revolutionary language of Pyongyang was made the cultured language with Pyongyang, the capital of revolution, as the center.

Hence, the DPRK has taken state measures for the development of the national language.

A variety of dictionaries of our own language including Korean dictionary, modern Korean dictionary and large Korean dictionary came off the press in large volumes and have steadily been updated.

Education and art activities in the educational and cultural and art institutions are based on our own language.

The linguistic institute of the Academy of Social Sciences, the National Language Assessing Commission and other language institutions were established for the development of the language.

A large number of language specialists are trained at the Korean linguistic faculty of Kim Il Sung University and universities of education.

A drive is also under way to check the imperialists’ ideological and cultural poisoning and establish a sound and revolutionary consciousness and way of speaking and writing.

The President also established a revolutionary and popular way of speaking and writing and set an example of it.

The names of the places in our own words including “Phungodong”, “Kumsan” and “Donsan” were given by the President.

The national language in the DPRK is now being further developed to be the most beautiful and perfect language in the world under the meticulous care of General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

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