Karachi Self-reliance Study Society of Pakistan formed

Pyongyang, November 23 (KCNA) — The Karachi Self-reliance Study Society of Pakistan was formed on Nov. 8.

In a report made at the inaugural meeting professor Akrak Aktar Hamidi said that self-reliance is the only way of building an independent and prosperous Pakistan and the experience of the DPRK shows self-reliance alone can make it possible to achieve independence in politics, self-sufficiency in economy and self-reliance in defence.

Akrak Aktar Hamidi was elected chairman of the society.

A letter to General Secretary Kim Jong Il was adopted at the meeting.

A resolution adopted at the first meeting of the society underlined the need to earnestly study and disseminate the Juche idea to build a new free and prosperous Pakistan.

We will significantly commemorate the birthday of the President Kim Il Sung as the Sun’s Day and celebrate the birthday of General Secretary Kim Jong Il as the most auspicious international holiday of the people for independence and a grand festival of the Juche idea followers all over the world, the resolution said.

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