KCNA on magazine’s article meant to disturb Mt. Kumgang tour

Pyongyang, November 23 (KCNA) — The South Korean monthly magazine Shin Dong-a, in its November edition, carried an article “people of Mt. Kumgang” pouring cold water on the tour of Mt. Kumgang and extremely provoking the north.

Its writer who professes to be a “scholar in politics”, in the article, mocked at our people, saying that North Koreans may change their mind or “it will be full of confusion” when contacting tourists.

He went the length of letting loose an absurd piffle that North Koreans would “be shocked by the appearance” of South Koreans.

This can not but arouse unanimous hatred and denunciation of our people as it is very serious anti-national utterance aimed to foil the tour of Mt. Kumgang now under way as part of the non-governmental cooperation and bar inter-Korean reconciliation and reunification.

The gravity of the article lies in that it represents the foolish attempt of the South Korean authorities to destabilize the north by imbuing our people with the corrupt almighty-dollar principle through the tour of Mt. Kumgang and sending the wind of “liberalization” to it.

As already known, the DPRK took such a patriotic step as allowing South Korean people to tour Mt. Kumgang, taking into consideration their strong desire to see the famous mountain of the nation, which is also the pride of the world, in order to meet the request of the South Korean Hyundai Business Group.

But the South Korean authorities, interfering in the tourism from its start, have worked hard to misuse it as a “channel” for serving their sinister purpose of transforming our people’s ideological and mental state and destroying our system.

The writer’s foolish rhetoric suggests that he is either an operative or agent of the South Korean “Intelligence Service”.

His nonsensical article is, in essence, not different from what Min Yong Mi uttered in a foolish attempt to make our man “defect to the south.”

The South Korean “Intelligence Service” did not bother to orchestrate the “second Min Yong Mi script” through the magazine shin dong-a after it failed in the “Min Yong Mi operation.”

Now that the South Korean authorities are resorting to every conceivable means and method to misuse the tour of Mt. Kumgang to create confusion in the mind of our people, we feel the strong need to take correspondent measures to cope with this move.

The South Korean authorities will be fully accountable for all the consequences to be entailed by the serious developments.

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