U.S. should be forced to pay for blood shed by Koreans

Pyongyang, November 23 (KCNA) — It is only too natural that the central committee of the Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland in its letter sent to the reunification movement organizations in South Korea and overseas on November 20 called for forming a north, south and overseas joint fact-finding group to thoroughly probe GIs’ massacres of peaceable civilians during the past Korean War and urged the nation to force the U.S. to pay for the blood shed by them a thousand times, says Minju Joson today in a commentary.

The commentary continues:

The U.S. and the South Korean authorities are talking about an “investigation.” But it is nothing but a trick to mislead the public opinion. This is clearly evidenced by their deliberate procrastination over the investigation into the massacre in Rogun-ri.

The U.S. is now lending a deaf ear to the proposal of the South Korean authorities for a joint investigation, while the South Korean authorities are keen on calming down the anti-U.S. spirit of the South Korean people under the pretext of “friendly relations” with the U.S.

Under this situation it is hardly possible to expect a probe into the truth about GIs’ massacre from the U.S. and the South Korean authorities. It is as foolish an act as entrusting an investigation to the killer and his stooge who try to remove the clue to their crimes, the paper notes, and continues:

Only when the joint fact-finding group is organized, can the nation thoroughly probe massacres of innocent civilians committed by the U.S. in the north and south and foil the tricks of the U.S. and their stooges to mislead the public opinion.

We can never hand down to posterity the distorted history in which the U.S. brutes brutally killed Koreans and have hidden the truth about their crimes.

We should thoroughly probe the truth about GIs’ massacres of Koreans and make them pay for the blood shed by them in our generation without fail.

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