Letter to President of S. Korean Red Cross

Pyongyang, November 24 (KCNA) — Jang Jae On, chairman of the central committee of the DPRK Red Cross Society, sent a letter to his South Korean counterpart Jong Won Sik today.

The letter reads:

We were told that the south headquarters of the National Alliance for the Country’s Reunification (Pomminryon) informed the north headquarters of Pomminryon of the critical condition of Kim Yang Mu, permanent vice-chairman of the south headquarters who is suffering from serious illness and asked the north side to take a step necessary for his medical treatment in the north.

Kim Yang Mu has devotedly worked for the patriotic cause of reunification and is suffering from an incurable disease.

However, the authorities of your side are incriminating his patriotic activities and trying to arrest and punish him, instead of providing him with conditions for medical treatment. This is a very deplorable deed either in view of national unity and reunification or in view of humanitarianism.

Deeply apprehensive of this, we invite Kim Yang Mu and an aide to Pyongyang as proposed by the south headquarters of Pomminryon as a medical organ of our side he expressed its readiness to treat him.

I hope that you will understand our compatriotic measure and correctly hand the letter of invitation in the name of the north headquarters of pomminryon to the South headquarters of Pomminryon.

Meanwhile, the north headquarters of Pomminryon in a letter of invitation dated November 24 said that it would provide Kim Yang Mu’s party with all convenience during their stay and ensure their personal safety and safe return.

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