KCNA on false report of Asahi Shimbun

Pyongyang, November 25 (KCNA) — The Japanese Asahi Shimbun recently carried defamatory articles one after another to provoke the DPRK.

The newspaper in its special write-up on Nov. 7 was so indiscreet as to distort the glorious revolutionary history of the great leader of our people Kim Il Sung. This is intolerable stooges of the imperialists, hack writers, bourgeoisie-paid scholars and others who dislike the ideology and social system in the DPRK are now taking great pains to tamper with the history of our revolutionary struggle and disparage it by citing figures and happenings from a few documents.

Asahi Shimbun released this false report on the basis of misinformation about Kim Il Sung’s revolutionary history in disregard of our materials on the history. This is an intolerable insult to the Korean people as it is a sheer distortion of the genuine history.

No matter what others may say, our history will remain as it is.

Whenever there was a sign of fresh improvement in the DPRK-Japan relations, some media at the instigation of the Japanese right-wing reactionaries intentionally spread misinformation provided to them by the South Korean intelligence institutions in a bid to throw a wet blanket over the efforts to open the relations between the two countries.

Such a provocative article appeared in the Japanese paper at a time when the public in Japan and abroad are lifting up their voices demanding Japan’s liquidation of its past and improved DPRK-Japan relations as days go by with the present century coming to its end and the DPRK visit of a Japanese supra-partisan delegation is high on the agenda.

This merits our particular attention.

We lodge a stern protest with the paper against its sheer false report and strongly demand it apologize for it at once.

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