Kim Jong Il praised as veteran statesman of world

Pyongyang, November 25 (KCNA) — The great leader Kim Jong Il is a veteran statesman of the world and the DPRK guided by him is shining as a powerful socialist country, said Tadeusz Baukowski, first vice-chairman of the central committee of the Poland-DPRK Association.

Baukowski, head of the association delegation, said in an interview with the KCNA before his departure:

Kim Jong Il has led the Korean and the world revolution for over 30 years, performing immortal exploits for the times and revolution, the country and people. He enjoys deep respect and trust of the world progressive people as an outstanding leader in the era of independence with a long-standing political career and rich experience.

The greatest of his exploits is that he has brilliantly realized the cause of perpetuating the leader’s memory with the noble moral obligation and loyalty and filial piety.

He created a model and built up a powerful fortress for socialism and made a victorious progress of the cause of independence.

As a great leader, he has reliably been defending the destiny of humankind.

His high prestige is brilliantly shining all over the world and, under his guidance, the 21st century will be a century of victory for the world progressive humankind aspiring after socialism and independence.

The DPRK has been turned into a political and military power of the world and reached the high peak of science and technology under the leadership of Kim Jong Il, he said, and stressed:

Today the DPRK is displaying its name as a country standing high over the world.

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